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How to improve your style overnight

by DHANUSHREE S 30 Jun 2023

You should update your wardrobe in a way that reflects your vibrant individualism. Choose your core aesthetic for your outfits and pick your fits accordingly. Each of us is incredibly unique. Style is the element that enhances your beauty. 

Here are a few tips to find your style to feel fashionably comfortable and confident in the clothing that you wear and how to turn fashion from something that you might kind of dread, putting an outfit together every morning, to something that you could take pride in and something that makes you excited like it does for every confident person.

In this article

How to improve your style overnight 

  1. Assess your current wardrobe 
  2. Finding inspiration  
  3. Plan and organize
  4.  Shopping!
  5. Trials and confidence 

Assess your current wardrobe

Start with your wardrobe because it can be so intimidating. Jump off the deep end into the interwebs and try to figure out from scratch what your is. Identifying the clothes you already own and adore is the most effective place to start. We never use every piece of clothing in our wardrobe. So to omit this situation try tracking all the clothing that you wear for two weeks straight. There are a couple of ways to do this. First of all, you could move the clothing that you’ve worn to a clothing rack. If you have it you could move it to the front of your closet. You can also turn around the hanger hooks on all the clothing that you own. If you don’t do laundry that often, you can just put it in the laundry bin. Once you have this sample of clothes that you wear, you can start looking at what those clothes have in common. Are they a certain fit? Do you gravitate toward an A-line silhouette or a loose pair of jeans? What about the color scheme? Do you gravitate more towards pastels or tend to reach for your black and white clothing the most? Is there a certain clothing brand that you find yourself wearing a lot? And lastly, consider your style based on your lifestyle.

Finding inspiration  

This is a fun part where you can get out your phone and laptop and scroll through social media and that is technically called research. Instagram and its Explore page are huge resources for trying to find your style. However, before we get further into the section, we are looking for style inspiration, not a reason to hate ourselves. Those things are sometimes a fine line on Instagram. Separate this persona from the seemingly flawless life of someone wearing an actual outfit. The stupefying source of inspiration is Instagram, Pinterest, movies, fashion magazines, etc. Do not blindly pursue the style you see as attractive. Analyze the components of fashion that express your style. Color scheme, prints, layering, way of adding accessories, etc.

Plan and organize 

Make a mood board with all your sub-level favorites to categorize your style. The mood boards you curate will reflect your style and fashion curation. As you zoom in and out of your mood board, you can see how different aesthetics are cohesive. 


There is no way to fill your wardrobe with updated apparel. This may end up with piles of clothes that you did not and would not like to wear. What should I do? Pick five pieces from your mood board that make your style stand out. Make purchases to enhance your style in the future. 

Trials and confidence 

Prioritize comfort over trend. Try clothing that helps you feel comfortable. Extremely fashionable clothing is not required to make you feel stylish. Even simple clothes can make you look chic. Ensure your fit is proportionate. For example, if your shorts have a high waist, they will elongate your legs. If your plus size preference is for vertical stripes, and small patterns, a pair of jeans will bring maximum streamline to your silhouette. Maintain a color scheme and an orderly combination of clothes. It is imperative that your outfit doesn’t fall off or shrink at the joints. Trying out your look before you leave will help you maintain your composure. You and your surroundings will be amazed when you are confident in your outfits and exhibit proper posture.

A renowned fashion manufacturer such as J&JP can help you improve your fashion sense. Not overnight, but perhaps within a week.

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